Hi, I'm Thomas Welfley.

You should hire me...

Here's why:

Every website I’ve ever made sucks. Yep, you read that right. Great web developers are always learning and always improving. If they come to the end of a project and can’t admit that their implementation sucks in some way, then they’re either being dishonest or they’ve stopped paying attention.

Fortunately, that’s just not how I operate. I make a point to learn from my work and, as a result, anything I build for you will suck less than everything I’ve built previously. That’s a promise.

What I know:

Frontend. I’m really good with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. I can take a comp, slice it six ways to Sunday, and serve the beautiful results on a silver platter of semantic, well-formed goodness (without breaking a sweat).

I’ve interviewed over a hundred developers and I've hired around 20. I trained those that needed it extensively in both accessibility and frontend development. Some of them even turned out pretty good.

Backend. A while back, I broke up with PHP and fell madly in love with Python. I currently maintain an open source API library for Posterous (pyposterous), and I’m the lead developer for a number of web apps built with sweet, sweet Django—including HootCourse, Presskit’n, and @libs.

I've also wielded Tornado for real-time content distribution and RabbitMQ + Celery for asynchronous processing.