Thomas welfley

Engineering Leader

I build amazing engineering organizations and software. From microservice architectures, to developer platforms, and web, iOS, and Android frontends, I have extensive experience shipping software across all parts of the stack. Further, I define and implement the hiring and management strategies required to scale. From inception to production, I make software and teams happen. Just say the word and let's start building.



Sr. Engineering Manager

Led a cross-functional team of 20 to design and execute developer experience for the Google Assistant on speakers, Smart Displays, and Android devices. Reported at the director level. Enabled 2x developer growth and 4x end user growth for their integrations (tens of millions of new monthly active users). Enabled integrations with some of the top engineering companies in the world (Twitter, Microsoft, Snap). Designed and recruited teams to expand developer platforms spanning multiple product areas (Search, Nest, Android).




Principal engineer for a product that forecasts body weight change based on automatically tracked fitness and food spend data.



VP of Engineering

Reorganized a global engineering team supporting over 20 million monthly active users; enabled onboarding 40 additional engineers. Transitioned company from hiring full stack engineers to specialists; established team-directed interview processes. Designed and executed transition from monolithic to microservice architecture, from 13 deployed frontends and services to hundreds. Executed frontend strategy for shipping decoupled UIs with independent stacks. Architected and led the execution of new partner APIs securing a strategic partnership with Plesk and additional venture capital.

Director of Engineering

Decreased time to first release for new engineers from 3 months to 1 day. Organized and led a project to make 9 million customer websites responsive by default. Rebuilt UIs and purchase flows to support 8 currencies and 18 languages, securing strategic, multinational partnerships with Google. Designed and secured the adoption of an organization-wide code review process, ensuring the quality of 6,000 pull requests per year.


Match Strike LLC

Cofounder; Principal Engineer


University of Central Florida

Software Engineer; Manager


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Central Florida

Founding member of UCF Student IT Advisory Council

3x AASCU presenter for leadership of colleges and universities